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摘要:原标题:公开课|一天一点,口语简单 Day 601 批注 紫灰绿字体为需重读部分;下划线部分可参看注释。 Day 601 style="font-size: 16px;">What are you listening to, Vicki?(Part one) Leonard: What are you list

原标题:公开课|一天一点,口语简单 Day 601 批注

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Day 601 style="font-size: 16px;">What are you listening to, Vicki? (Part one)

Leonard: Whatare you listeningto, Vicki?

Vicki: Oh, it's just an iTunesplaylistof my favoriteclassicalmusic composers.

Leonard: So whois thisright now?

Vicki: Thisis Vivaldi.

Leonard: What pieceis it?

Vicki: Thisis ConcertoNo. 2in G minor.It's the second of the fourconcertos that makeupFour Seasons.

Leonard: Oh, Four Seasons. I've heardofthat before.

Vicki: Yes, I wouldn't doubtit. It's his most famous work.











iTunesn. [ˈaɪtuːnz] a computer application enabling users to download music from the internet, create and order playlists, etc 一种音乐应用程序

(Day 586) I've downloaded their best hits from iTunes. 作者从iTunes上下载了他们最有名的歌曲。

playlistn. [`pleɪlɪst] the list of songs that a radio station plays 歌曲播放列表,播放清单

classicaladj. [`klæsɪkəl] relating to music that is considered tobe important and serious and that has a value that continues for a long time (音乐)古典的

classicalmusic/musician/composer etc 古典音乐、艺人、作曲家

a leading classicalviolinist 一名牌产品优质产品异的古典音乐小提琴家


classicadj. [`klæsɪk] [usually before noun] a classic song, book, play, television program, etc. is very good and has been popular and had a lot of influence for a long time 卓越的,第一级的

a classic novel 一步杰出小说

composern. [kəmˈpoʊzɚ] someone who writes music 作曲家

right now: 1. at the present time, now 现在,目前

We're very busy right now. 大家今日很忙。

(Day 459) Right now, I'm doing some research into the languages of different African tribes. 近日本人正在商讨欧洲分歧部落的言语。


right now: 2. immediately 马上

We need to deal with this problemright now. 大家需求立即化解这几个主题素材。

Vivaldi[vɪˈvɑːldi] (1678-1741) an Italian composer who wrote many operas and a lot of church music, but is most famous for The Four Seasons, one of the most popular pieces of classical music 维瓦尔第(意大利共和国作曲家)

【参谋译文】。piecen. [piːs] a written, musical, or artistic work that someone has produced(艺术品、音乐等的)幅,篇,首

a pieceof music, poetry, sculpture 一支曲子、一首诗、一件雕刻

Concerton. [kənˈtʃerţoʊ] a piece of classical music, usually for one instrument and an orchestra 协奏曲

minoradj. [ˈmaɪnɚ] of or based on a scale that has a semitone above its second note 小调的,小音阶的

a song in a minor key小调歌曲

a symphony in C minor C小调交响曲

make up sth: to combine together to form something 形成,组成,构成

Women make uponly a small proportion of the prison population. 女子只占囚犯人数的一小部分。

be made up of sth

The committeeis made up ofrepresentatives from every state. 该委员会由来自各种州的象征结合。

Four Seasons: a piece of music by Vivaldi which represents spring,summer, autumn, and winter and is one of the best-known and most popular pieces of classical music 《四季》

have heard of …: to know that someone or something exists because they have been mentioned to you before 听说过……

(Day387) Haveyou ever heard of karma? 你据他们说过因果报应吗?

(Day429) I’venever heard of such a thing. 这种事儿作者向来没听大人说过。

doubt v. [daʊt] tothink that something may not be true or that it is unlikely 怀疑

It is human to doubt.质疑是人的特性。

Do youdoubtmy word? 你猜疑本身的话吗?

I don't doubt that he'll come. 笔者确信他会来。

workn. [wɝːk] [U& C] something produced by a writer, painter, musician, or other artist (美术大师的)作品

It is anotherwork by the artist.那是该音乐大师的另一幅文章。

Our students invite you to an exhibition of their work. 我们的上学的小孩子邀约您出席他们的小说展。

(Day573) You know, his early work was more representational than his later work.你理解,他开始的一段时代的小说比末尾时期的更写实。归来乐乎,查看越多



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